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Beauty Trick for Blondes

August 11, 2016 1 Comments

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Back 2 Blonde Beauty Trick Fancy Things

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Growing up I had the blondest hair ever, it was almost white! As I got older it got much darker, as it tends to do for natural blondes. Nowadays I’d say my natural hair color is medium to dark blonde but I get partial highlights every two months or so to keep it light. I dread going to the salon and sometimes wait way too long to go (oops!) luckily I recently discovered this amazing beauty trick that helps me get by between colorings. It’s a game-changer!

Back 2 Blonde is a temporary root concealer spray. It washes out with shampoo and comes in three different shades (I’m shade light.) I love how easy it is to use and the beautiful shine it gives my hair! You can find Back 2 Blonde products in CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid. There is also a $4 off coupon on Ibotta or I personally love beauty hacks like this one, so spill if you have any I need to know about too. Thank you for reading! xo

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by EVERPRO Back 2 Blonde, all opinions are 100% my own!