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September Favorites

October 5, 2017 0 Comments

Hi guys! Today I wanted to take a look back at the past month and share some of my favorite things with you all! I’m sharing my favorite fashion finds, home finds, fall lipstick, favorite book, tv show && more. I hope you enjoy seeing what my September favorites were! Let me know if you would like me to continue doing these monthly favorites posts. Would you prefer to see a video?? I personally LOVE these types of posts. So I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts! xo

1. THICK KNIT THROW: I had been on the hunt for a throw like this for over a year now but they are PRICEY. I was all for investing in a good quality one but there are so many sellers on Etsy that sell these throws. I honestly didn’t know who to go with! I recently found this seller via Instagram and she has amazing reviews so I decided to go with her shop. I purchased the smallest size possible since it will mainly be used as a prop for home photos and I absolutely LOVEEEEE it! COLOR: Cloud Off White, SIZE: 30×42

2. PUMPKIN CANDLE: I was at Anthropologie with my mom and had to pick up this candle after smelling it. It is literally pumpkin heaven! It looks so pretty when its burning too. Hands down of my new favorite scents for fall!

3. TRADER JOES PUMPKIN BAGELS: OK, I have been going crazy with all the pumpkin spice things at Trader Joes. These pumpkin bagels have been my favorite breakfast treat! I like them toasted, with cream cheese and with some “everything but the bagel” seasoning (also from TJ’s!) Try it… trust me! It’s so good!

4. FREE PEOPLE CARDIGAN: I picked up this cardigan last month and have been wearing it non-stop. I’ve styled it on the blog (here and here). But in all honesty, It’s SO hot here. I wear it mostly indoors while I’m working from home! It’s a bit of a splurge but I’ve never seen or felt a cardi like it.

5. LEOPARD LOAFERS: Surprise, surprise.. right? Are you guys sick of seeing these loafers yet? Sorry if you are! 😬 They’re just so comfortable and cute! The gold detailing on the front is just gorgeousss. SO yes it is safe to say these are a definite FALL MUST HAVE!

6. A STRANGER IN THE HOUSE: I bought this book to read last month during Hurricane Irma (gosh she was a major pain, wasn’t she?) WELL.. the storm was SO loud and honestly pretty scary so I couldn’t focus enough to read. I finally got around to reading it the last couple weeks and would definitely recommend it if you’re into thrillers! I would also suggest reading her other book “The Couple Next Door“, which I liked even more. But they are both really good reads!

7. DARK DISTRESSED DENIM: These jeans are SO flattering! I purchased them last month and have worn them probably a dozen times already (worn on the blog HERE.)

8. THE GOOD PLACE: OUR NEW FAVORITE TV SHOW! We just recently binge watched this show and are all caught up and watching every week now. It’s SO funny! Definitely binge watch the episodes and set it to record. You will love it!

9. “PLUMFUL” LIPSTICK: I was wanting a darker lipstick to wear for fall and swatched this one at the MAC counter. It’s such a pretty deep berry shade! I purchased it and have worn it on the blog, here.)

10. ESSENTIAL OILS: My collection of essential oils is growing very quickly, my friends. I am hooked! My favorite ones are from doTERRA. More on that coming soon… 🙂